Duluth Outdoor Kitchens and Living Areas

Duluth Outdoor Kitchens and Living Areas

At Rivers Outdoor Living, we know what an important part of your life your home is, so we strive to always provide you with services that will improve that home and increase the amount of enjoyment that you can get from it. Our Duluth outdoor kitchens and other living spaces will make both your home and your landscape more attractive and more enjoyable, and they’ll also increase your property’s resale value. Our professionals will custom design and build these new additions based on your home’s appearance, your lifestyle, and your home budget and timeframe, and we guarantee your satisfaction with all of our work.

All of our Duluth outdoor kitchens contractors are licensed professionals with extensive training and experience, and we’ve worked on many different kinds of landscaping and remodeling projects throughout the years in Duluth and the surrounding areas. We work with every one of our clients directly on the design of their new outdoor living spaces so that we can ensure they’re perfect for you and your family. No matter what, we’ll always provide the highest quality materials and workmanship possible.

Give us a call today to ask any questions you have about the services we provide, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, and we’ll be looking forward to working with you.

Outdoor Kitchen Design and Build in Duluth

There’s no more popular home improvement project than remodeling your kitchen, and it’s easy to see why. Kitchens are the most frequently used part of the home, so remodeling them will make your entire home more comfortable, attractive, and enjoyable. But adding an outdoor kitchen to your Duluth home can be just as beneficial, if not more, for all of the same reasons.

Our professions can handle any outdoor kitchen project from start to finish--from the initial design stages through to the completion of the construction. We’ll help you design your new outdoor kitchen, offering our professional advice and opinions but leaving all final decisions up to you, and we’ll make sure it has all of the features you need and none that you don’t.

Outdoor kitchens may be as simple as a patio, grill, and counter, or your new outdoor kitchen could be a full-service cooking space complete with storage, refrigeration, plumbing, and gas. No matter how small or large your outdoor kitchen is, we’ll be ready and eager to tackle the job.

Duluth Deck Enclosures

Whether you just need a classic deck enclosure or you’re creating a sunroom or enclosed pool, our professionals are here to help. We’ll discuss your precise goals for the project with you, then design and build your enclosure based on those specifications.

Patio and deck enclosures will make your Duluth home more attractive and more enjoyable. They can liven up any outdoor get-together, and they’ll immediately raise your home’s resale value.

Duluth, GA


If you are looking for an outdoor kitchen specialist in Duluth then please call 678-366-2021 or complete our our online request form.

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