Alpharetta Outdoor Water Features

Alpharetta Outdoor Water Features

Whether you are into whimsical design elements, classic, roman inspired, traditional, contemporary, or rustic, water features offer you a unique way to enhance your Alpharetta outdoor living areas.

Do you prefer angels or would you much rather have a European style water feature depicting a maiden with a harp? Or perhaps you want a rustic water feature that blends more into the landscape?

Whatever you choose will express your unique tastes and will make your outdoor living space your own.

There's more to having a great water feature for your Alpharetta home though, it also enhances the look and feel of the landscape or outdoor living areas. One great thing about water features is the variance in sizes and types. Smaller water features like a water fountain statue can be installed just about anywhere.

Do you love whimsy? Why not get some cute garden gnomes that do more than sit there? You can pair these with a larger umbrella fountains for a cool garden scene.

Or, if you prefer something more contemporary or classic, bring out the architecture in your home with a wall fountain made specifically for you.

Types of water features you may want:

  • Wall fountains
  • Ponds
  • Garden Fountain
  • Waterfall Fountain
  • Pondless Waterfall
  • Bubble Fountain
  • Urn Fountains
  • Natural Slate Falls
  • Rocks & Water Fountain
  • Ceramic Fountain
  • Concrete Fountain
  • Marble Fountain
  • Cascading Water Feature
  • Stainless Steel Fountain
  • Rustic Stream
  • Boulder Fountain
  • Terrace Fountain

Relaxing Sounds From Water Features

Imaging lying comfortably by a bubbling brook, listening to the quiet sounds in nature. Water features can add this element to your own outdoor living areas to bring in a relaxing element while you spend time outside. Whether it's a bubbling water feature or a wall water fall, the sounds of water may be just what you need.

Water Features Reflect Light & Sky

Water reflects light, which can add a beautiful element to the aesthetics either during the day or at night. The sparkling and the soft sounds of the water feature combine to create a relaxing, beautiful outdoor atmosphere.

Water Features Can Be Focused Art Pieces

When looking at a space, whether indoors or out, your eye wants to settle on something. A water feature can give your eye something to look at.

Whether large or small, the water feature placed in the right spot can bring the outdoor area to a higher new level. Do you want to draw attention to a particular tree or plant grouping? Do you need to enhance the aesthetics of your siding? Or do you want to highlight an area near the swimming pool?

All types of water features can be used together for these key areas of your landscape for a decorative focus. Rivers Outdoor Living would love to help you create a stunning, relaxing, and beautiful space for you to enjoy. Call today for a free estimate.

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