Things to Consider When Building an Outdoor Kitchen


Kitchen remodeling in Alpharetta is one of the most popular projects for any homeowner to have done on their home. Renovating even a small portion of your kitchen can make your home more attractive and more comfortable, and it will immediately raise the resale value of your home.

The same effects can be achieved by adding an outdoor kitchen to your Alpharetta home, and it could give you even more enjoyment than any other remodeling project you could take on.

Before you add an outdoor kitchen to your home, however, there are some things you should consider. Your home’s design and your family’s lifestyle should be two of the biggest factors you consider in some of the decisions you’ll need to make concerning the design.

Here are a few things to consider when designing your outdoor kitchen:

Your Landscape and Home Design

Your new outdoor kitchen needs to match the rest of your Alpharetta home’s landscape and architectural design. Consider how much space you can stand to lose from your yard and your garden, and how much space the kitchen you’re designing will need.

Outdoor kitchens will definitely provide you with a lot of fun and a lot of great memories. But you need to consider whether yours will be taking too much away from your landscape, garden, or patio. Consider how much space you’re willing to let go and keep that in mind during the design stages of your project.

Also keep in mind the architectural design and appearance of your home. Our outdoor kitchen designers can help you match colors, bricks, and materials so that there’s an aesthetic connection between your outdoor kitchen and you home’s design. We can also help you design a kitchen that takes up less space.

Your Budget

Outdoor kitchens can vary greatly in price depending on the features you decide to include, but you could spend anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000. Because this job is not normally a cheap one, it’s very important to carefully plan out your budget before you even begin to design it. If you can, it’s always a great idea to leave yourself some waffle room for anything unplanned.

Still, a great outdoor kitchen can be built on even the smallest of budgets, so there’s no reason to assume it’s an all-or-nothing project. The key to any great outdoor kitchen design and construction is careful planning and creative design.


Two major conveniences for an outdoor kitchen are a water a gas line that run to it. But installing water and gas lines isn’t always easy, and it can be also an expensive task. Trying to fit them into your Alpharetta home’s outdoor kitchen design can also bring up a number of problems, so you need to work these into the design from the beginning.

While you’re developing your initial design ideas and concepts, include any plumbing in the design from the earliest stages if you’re going to want to include it.

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